KRJ1000 Jump Starterr

Krieger battery jump starter – With 1000Amps peak current and custom-made heavy duty all-metal clamps, this Krieger battery booster can jump start your car up to 20 times in a single charge*
Portable power bank charger – With its 7,200mAh lithium battery capacity and fast USB 3.0 Quick Charge Port (5VDC 2A: 9V 2A: 12V 2A) this portable booster pack can fully charge your smartphones, laptops, tablets, headphones and many other devices fast and safely.
Smart automatic protections – Intelligent jumper cable clamps featuring mistake-proof, spark-proof and reverse polarity protections. Red and green indicating lights makes your operations much easier and safer than normal jumper cables.
Ultra safe & easy to use – Jump start a dead or weak battery in seconds with the all-new Krieger 1000A portable lithium car battery booster jump starter pack.
Wireless charger w/ anti-slip surface – 10 watts wireless output with innovative boost technology to deliver an optimized charge to your smart devices. High-end anti slip surface to prevent your devices from moving or falling out of the wireless charge area.
Powerful led flashlight – Integrated LED flashlight with emergency strobe mode, allowing you to safely jump start a dead or weak battery even in low light conditions.
Multiple applications – The KRJ1000A can be used for cars, motor, watercraft, ATV, UTV, yacht, snowmobile,
1 Year manufacturer warranty – We believe in our products that’s why we offer an unmatched 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty.
ETL approved and certified – Meticulously tested by Intertek under UL 2743 Standard for Portable Power Packs.
What is included – 1000A Ultra-Safe Portable Lithium Car Battery Jump Starter Pack, Spark-Proof Battery Clamps, 12-Volt DC Car Charger, USB-C Charging Cable, 2 x Storage Bags, Instruction Manual and 1-Year Warranty.


1000A Portable Lithium Jump Starter
Battery Clamps w/ Cross Polarity Protection
12V DC Car Charger
2 x Storage Pouches
USB-C Power Cable
Instruction Manual
Warranty Information
1000A Jump Starting Capacity